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The Figueroa's Case was denounced before the Inter American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR). On January 2012 the IACHR gave to this Case the reference "Petition P-1849-11" .
The following Legal Proofs of the cover up were included in the Petition:
PE1. “In the case of the accountant of the "U" the Court gave a simple order of investigation. The death of Daniel Figueroa was labeled "find of bones", "La Segunda" newspaper, June 5, 2003 (this article was indeed at until November 2012). In spite it was already known that these were Figueroa's bones and that he was the main witness in several corruption cases in which the accused were the Chilean President Ricardo Lagos and several of the ministers and high oficials of his government, the “Second Court of Crime of Puente Alto gave to the Brigade of Homicides (BH) of the civil police a simple order of inquirng the finding of bones".
This fact demonstrates that three days after the bones were identified as Figueroa's bones, it already existed the decision not to investigate this Crime Against Humanity.
PE2. “Daniel Figueroa: There is no progress in the lawsuit concerning the death of the former accountant”, "El Mercurio" digital newspaper, February 22, 2004.
PE3. “Documents disclose news contracts in the MOP-Gate scandal”. “La Tercera” newspaper, November 1, 2002. (*)
PE4. “The Capuchinos List”. “Estrategia” newspaper, January 13, 2003. It gives the names of the many ministers and high officers of Lagos' government that visited the "Capuchinos Jail" to pay their respect to Carlos Cruz, former Minister of Public Works of Lagos government who has been jailed on corruption charges that were demonstrated by the "Figueroa Papers".(*)
PE5. “Legal withdrawals and embraces between the Concertacion (leftist government) and the Right (rightist opposition)”, published by the "Center of Studies Miguel Henríquez(CIME)", on March 2003
PE6. “Longueira: The bicentennial man?". “La Nación” newspaper , January 25, 2003
PE7. “The man that new too much and panicked” “La Tercera” newspaper and “” web site, May 11, 2003.
PE8 “I accuse”, a letter written by Ricardo Paredes M., former Figueroa's boss at he University of Chile, a position that costed Figueroa his life, May 29, 2003. This leter was published at Paredes' web site
PE9. “Murder for hire”, a letter written by Antonio García V., published by several Chilean newspapers on June 5, 2003.
PE10. “CHILEVE is born” a speech given by Antonio García V, then the political party "CHILEVE, a new way", in the ceremony of registration of the party at the Electoral Service of Chile, June 9, 2003, an act covered by many Chilean radios, TV and newspapers.
PE11. “Legislative - Political Agreements for the modernization of the State, for transparency and for the promotion of growth”. Name of the offical Agreement signed by the government and the oppositon to grant themselves impunity. January 30, 2003
PE12. “Judge Chevesich four hours interrogation to the Under Secretary of Transportation”,“La Tercera” newspaper, February 13, 2004. (*)
PE13. “Díaz under fire by Judge Chevesich”, “La Tercera” newspaper, February 15, 2004. It describes how Guilermo Díaz and José Miguel Insulza orchestrated their activities related with the Figueroa Case.
PE14. “The phone call that upset Lagos”,“El Mercurio” newspaper, May 23, 2004. It denounces that Jose Miguel Insulza, then the Chilean Minister of Interior Affairs, and Marcos Libedinsky, then the President of the Supreme Court, tried to deter Judge and magistrate Gloria Ana Chevesich from going ahead with her investigation of the corruption cases denounced by the "Figueroa Papers "
PE15. “The amazing connection of the prosecuting attorney”, “La Tercera” newspaper, June 11, 2004. It states that Roberto Celedón, prosecuting attorney in the Figueroa's Quartering Case, is the defensa attorney for some of the accused by the "Figueroa Papers". Celedon plays both papers because he is part of the effort to deny justice to Figueroa. Celedon felt so powerful that he dared to threaten Judge Gloria Ana Chevesich (see PE14)
PE16 Blog “Daniel Figueroa de la Fuente QEPD”, blog “http://danielfigueroa.blogspot. com”, February 2, 2005. During 2012 this post was deleted from this blog.
PE17. “Lagos and Human Rights” a letter by Antonio García Varela, published by several Chilean newspapers on June 27, 2005. Garcia warns Ricardo Lagos, then the President of Chile, that he has the obligation of bringing to justice this case in which Lagos himself is one of the main suspects.
PE18. “For the first time the Judge prosecutes a member of the President's family”. “El Mercurio” newspaper, July 17, 2005. It states the main role played by Matías de la Fuente in the corruption cases denounced by the "Figueroa Papers" and how Libedinsky, then President of the Supreme Court tried to impede the investigations run by Judge Gloria Ana Chevesich. Matías de la Fuente is a cousin of President Ricardo Lagos' wife, Luisa Durán. Other members of Luisa Duran family were involved in corruption during Lagos' government. Luisa Durán made use of his condition of "First lady" to insult and discredit the honorable and proper Judge Gloria Ana Chevesich.
PE19. “The UDI helped the government in its most critic moment”. “La Tercera” newspaper. August 12, 2005. UDI was then the largest and most rightist Chiiean political party. It denounces that UDI President, Pablo Longueira, and José Miguel Insulza, then Vice President of Chile 's left wing government agreed to cover up the crimes of President Ricardo Lagos and his accomplices. It additionally informs that two years after Figueroa's assasination, Longueira was stil acting to grant impunity to Ricardo Lagos. The only explanation of Longueira behaviour, which has been publicly condemned by several important members of his party, is that he is part of the gang involved in the cover up of Figueroa's kidnaping, torture and quartering.
PE20. “Justicie nullify the Lagos chapter in the Gate Case”. “LaTercera” newspaper, December 8, 2005. It informs about an illegal sentence issued by the Appeals Court of Santiago that declares the prescription of all the crimes commited by Ricardo Lagos that were demonstrated by the "Figueroa Papers". Chilean Justice decided not to investigate the kidnapping, torture and quartering of the main witness in this case and additionaly it granted impunity to the criminals that were accused by the evidences left by the victim. In the same sentence and without any reason, the Court grants absolute impunity to Guillermo Díaz, one of the main suspects of beinf onvolved in the assasination of Daniel Figueroa and in the cover up of this crime. This evidence includes a second article pubished the same day in this same newspaper, "La Moneda gets rid of its worst nightmares after three years of stress", that details the public celebration held by Ricardo Lagos and his accomplices made after this sentence put them out of reach of justice.
PE21. “Gloria Ana Chevesich goes for MOP-Idecon”. "El Mercurio" newspaper, November 27, 2006. With details between "the deceased" Daniel Figueroa and the accused Guillermo Diaz. The newsdspaper refers to Figueroa as "the deceased" insted of the "kidnapped and quartered"
PE22. “A sentence that stops enquiries in the (corruption) case of the Institute of Economy of the University of Chile”, "El Mercurio" newspaper, June 6, 2007.
PE23. “A denounce against former Minister of Internal Affaris, Carlos Figueroa”. "El Mercurio" newspaper, Jun 14, 2007. Congressman Fidel Espinoza accuses Marcelo Schilling and Carlos Figueroa that they are pressing him to cover up a 1,1 billion dollars corruption case at state owner railroad corporation "Ferrocarriles del Estado (FFCC)". A little later Guillermo Diaz, a main accused in Figueroa Case was appointed FFCC President, so he could get in charge of this Cover Up. See Censored Version of this same article
PE24 February 6, 2008 tribute at Figueroa's daughter Daniela blog. A cry that managed to wake up Justice
PE25 “Who killed Daniel Figueroa?”, “” site , April 1, 2009. It insists in its old denounce and it gets no answer from the judges
PE26. This evidence was included in the IACHR Petition but is not included in this web site since its wording is too rough and because it makes many grave additional accusations.

PE27 “What about the investigation of the strange death of the former accountant related with MOP-CIADE Case?”, “” blog , June 30, 2011. It insists in a five years old article that asks for justice in Figueroa Case.


Evidences of the assasination of Daniel Figueroa