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Antonio García Varela is the author of:

"STOP GATES.NOW. Microsoft, the first monopoly in the global economy" This was the first book in denouncing Microsoft's crimes. It was included in the civil proceedings by means of which Judge Jackson and later the U.S. Supreme Court condemned this corporation owned by Bill Gates on crimes that include "to hamper the development of software". 1999. (Only in Spanish)

"GENSERIC, king of vandals", historic novel. A research that demonstrates that the unknown genius and vandal king that dominated the western world for more than half the V century a.C., and who introduced in western civilization both feudalism and hereditary monarchy, is the indisputed leading character in the transition between the Antiquity and the Medieval Times. 2007. (Only in Spanish)

"POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY and The Chilean Way Towards Socialism", 2011. Nine essays that deal with Income Distribution, Illegitimate Laws, Highway Concessions, Chilean Electricity Utilities, Chilean Pension Funds System, Santiago’s Lethal Air, Electronic Democracy, the MOP Gate Case and the quartering of Daniel Figueroa de la Fuente. (Only in Spanish)

"SLEEP APNEA. immediate remedy for an illness with no cure", a book that shows how to handle and prevent Sleep Apnea and that denounces the abuses of the CPAP industry, a five billion dollars industry that sells this disabling medical device which is imposed on almost every Sleep Apnea patient. 2011.