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David Cameron is too short for the job

Antonio García V. 15.08.2011Tweet


Wind and tempest are on the side of great admirals. They are sunny days for great men, since it’s then when they shine.

But wind and tempest harass those who dressed as admirals take the wheel on sunny days. So it does not take long to see them dizzy, blind, unable to properly react.

Problem is winds and waves are there to swallow not just him but the entire ship and all his men.

Mr Cameron’s August 9, 11 and 15 (year 2011) speeches show the Shallow Waters Officer (SWO) he is, and portend the maneuvering he believes will allow him to deal with a tempest he does not even grasp.

He even boasts he has envisioned the needed maneuvering long before the tempest broke, even years before he started wearing his admiral’s costume.

He offers stick and carrot inside his ship. Quite a lot of sticks and a few carrots before these get rotten.

He says he has already identified the “120.000 most troubled families” that are to be blamed for the wind and tempest and he has even brought a Seasoned Seaman to deal with those families.

To his dismay, Bratton, the Seasoned Seaman, feeling the passion of the wind and the brave determination of the waves, immediately says to his new boss, the Shallow Waters Officer so beautifully dressed as an admiral: “it’s the skies that roar upon us… it is not that children cough, or that the abandoned mothers that take care of them lack the father role model needed to stop them from coughing, complaining and even rioting when they see you are bound to sink this great ship and all of us”

“But they loot ─roars the SWO─. They bite the sticks my men pound over them. They have even killed or seem to have killed or may easily be made accountable of the killing of one or two innocent men.”

The SS looks at the ship and wonders how can anybody loot what has already been and is being so carefully, meticulously looted by great men that smile, ruin banks, phone-hack, enjoy life with SWO and his men, not to mention the tax shelters they are given.

But there in no second chance for the SS to speak: SWO is already summoning his men:

“It is not the tempest we have allowed to build up and unfold, but the fact we have been tied and mesmerized by Human Rights we can easily erase and rewrite… Do not even look at the sea. Don’t even consider the wind. It is just us and them. Many sticks and the few carrots we do not need since we have eaten too much will be enough to make them feel they are part of us and that is wise for them to let us loot for all of us.”



Antonio García Varela (a.k.a) Darío Varela