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Antonio García V. 24.05.2013Tweet


Each year in every country, additionally to his wage or salary, labor must be paid a Human Tax: a mandatory share in the profits of every corporation where he has worked during that year.
This will revert the heartbreaking fact that each year labor takes a shorter part of the pie and it will put an end to capitalist societies’ strong path to self-destruction.
Human Tax will empower each single working person, since he will know that in spite of how poorly he is paid and how fragile his contractual relation with his employer is, he will receive a strong compensation that will be proportional to the hours that he worked for that corporation that year as compared to the total man hours that were paid by that corporation during that year.
This will increase whistleblowing on profit concealing and on corporations’ practice of hiring slavery through unaccountable third parties.
This will bring government back into its most crucial job: to protect individuals from sharks.


Antonio García Varela (a.k.a) Darío Varela