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Antonio García V. 06.12.2013

1964 Mandela's statement from the dock before the Supreme Court of South Africa, at the opening of the trial on charges of sabotage that, at 46, would mean for him 27 years in prison, shows that Spain and other countries of the European Union are imposing Apartheid within their borders.

The Apartheid of the Europe of today is not between blacks and whites or between whites and other ethnic groups. It's between the rich and the poor. It creates an island of happiness in a sea of misery

Mandela is usually quoted to mention his words about education as the great strategy against poverty and discrimination. He is quoted as propaganda of "the fallacy of education".

To attribute to education the ability to overcome the thousand obstacles planted to create the wealth of a few ones for the price of poverty of almost everyone, it's just a fallacy.

Mandela expressed that to end poverty and discrimination there is the need of:
a. a legislation that ensures equal opportunities
b higher wages that enable people to live; that is, to provide his family with shelter, food, education and health
c. working conditions that ensure that the worker will be allowed to participate in family life.

He said that to "stop subsidies for African school feeding was a cruel act “that deliberately leads to two social classes, because these malnourished children do not enjoy equal opportunities and become adults who suffer from physical deficiencies that conspire against their ability to earn a living.

When Spain and other countries impose starvation wages and eliminate food assistance to children that desperately need it, they are creating two social classes: the masters and the slaves.

Mandela also said that when laws are made to empower a few people, and to take away the rights of large majorities and when government close the tracks that make it possible to eradicate in a peaceful manner injustice and discrimination, there is no other way than violence. And he declares in the process the moment came when he was forced to choose this path, that he prepared himself to play his role as leader of violent activities and that he run sabotage operations.

He ended his defense with this words: "I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve. But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die".

While dominant neoliberal oligarchies seize Mandela's words to sell the fallacy of the education, the dominant populist oligarchies seize Mandela to sell him as a pro communist leader and talk about his friendship with Fidel Castro without mention he just was grateful of Castro and Gaddafi and many other dictators who helped him.

Mandela was always an advocate of democracy and contrary to the dictatorship of the supposed proletariat. And this is what he states once and again in this speech. It must be noticed that Mandela fought to ban communists from being members of the African National Congress, the famous ANC, and that he accepted his defeat on this issue within the ANC.

Mandela claims to have agreed on receiving political support and economic aid from communists just because the short-term goals of communism coincided with the long-term goals of the ANC. But that in the long-term these two movements absolutely disagree since Mandela advocates for democracy, he supports the separation of powers as a model of governance and he admires UK parliamentary democracy and justice systems, which are institutions that he wants for his country.

Antonio García Varela, author


Antonio García V. (a) Darío Varela