During more than three years our Foundation has been helping Sleep Apnea patients entirely for free.

As far as we know, our website is the only Sleep Apnea website not aimed at selling CPAP or dental related devices.

In this website we offer, entirely for free, every means a patient may need to cope with Sleep Apnea bursts and to entirely prevent them.

This allows patients to find a way out of their illness and, thus, to get entirely cured.

Our activities include:
• To keep updated this website that informs and helps patients
• To handle Sleep Apnea patients' enquiries and to induce them to get additional medical advice when needed
• To issue 10 to 60 daily tweets, both in Spanish and English, to let patients know that there is a cure for Sleep Apnea, that there is a way out of the CPAP and that they can find all that entirely for free at www.rfkloss.org
• To get in touch with medicine doctors worldwide asking them to keep control of their patients' sodium in blood, so Sleep Apnea may be demystified and overcome.
• To handle submissions before the US and the EU authorities in order to get protection for Sleep Apnea patients, since they are not receiving fair assistance in terms of:
a. access to unbiased information about their illness
b. proper research about the supposed Central Nervous System failure that causes NOSA, which we deem entirely false

All this is done with the sole interest of helping to eradicate Non Obstructive Sleep Apnea (NOSA).