"SLEEP APNEA. Immediate cure for an illness with "no cure"

This book, was written by Darío Varela, a writer and historian who suffered Non Obstructive Sleep Apnea during more than ten years.

After Dario overcame his Sleep Apnea, he decided to write a book to let everybody know how to get rid of this terrible condition about which both doctors and interested CPAP manufacturers have invented so many myths,

Fact is that when you do not have enough sodium in blood you risk suffering Sleep Apnea and some other diseases.

It has been demonstrated that NOSA dissapears when patients are allowed to eat the sodium that they need, and that NOSA recurs as soon as they go back to a diet with not enough sodium.

It is not that you must start eating as much salt and soy sauce as you may want. It is that you must take care of not having a deficit of sodium in blood.

Diabetics are concerned about not having too much sugar in blood. But they know that having a low level of sugar in blood is even worse and quite more dangerous

Just as they do, you must be careful about not having both too much or too few sodium in blood.

If you spontaneously stop breathing while you sleep. then you suffer of low sodium in blood (Hiponatremia) and the only thing you need to do to start sleeping well is to eat some common salt.

But we all know that too much salt might increase your blood pressure, so it is necessary to be carefull not to eat more salt than what you need.

It has been additionally noticed that a strong reduction in your intake of animal proteins will allow you to reduce your salt needs. This means that probably a few days after you start eating very few animal proteins your Sleep Apnea will dessappear and you will not need to eat extra salt.


1. Introduction
2. Forms of Sleep Apnea
3. Non Obstructive Sleep Apnea (NOSA) causes
4. Sleep Apnea symptoms
5. Handling Sleep Apnea
6. Preventing Sleep Apnea
7. A public health issue
9. Get rid of your CPAP
10. Salt handling. How to eat salt and how to avoid needing too much salt
11. Breathing
12. Nasal airways
13. Bloating
14. Polichistic kidney and Sleep Apnea
15. Sleep Apnea and sports
16. Medical Mistakes
17. Market discapacity
18. Sodium in blood and other markets
19. Sodium Potassium Pump
20. Class action
Addendum 1. Spinal cord care 1 2

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