Most back pain and sciatica end in surgery in spite that they can be entirely healed by means of a few simple exercises since their principal cause is an atrophy of the little muscles on which depend the proper performance of the spine, backbone or vertebral column.

Page 1 and Page2 show drawings and give explanations about a set of simple exercises that allow to strengthen the many little muscles located along the spine.

These exercises take less than five minutes and must be done at least three times a week in order to keep the backbone in perfect shape

When you are under strong back pain you must not do all these exercises but just those that don't mean pain. You must go ahead and try to do some them, even if you can handle just one of them. Within a few days you'll be able of doing all of them, you will get rid of your back pain and you will be sure that your column is in proper shape.

As soon as the back pain intends to recede or reappear you must take the exercises once again. Even you may do all the set of them several times a day until you entirely recover, which will happen very soon