This is a very common Gastroesophageal problem
It can even lead to strong irritation of the larynx. which in turn may cause Obstructive Sleep Apnea.
Doctors use to prescribe pharmaceuticals that you must have for ever in order to keep at bay your reflux.
The most common of them is epic film named "protons pump" Omeprazol, a widely prescribed pharmaceutical in spite that it is considered one of the main causes of AF.

Atrial fibrillation (AF)
This is a common heart rhythm disorder associated with deadly and debilitating consequences including heart failure, stroke, poor mental health, reduced quality of life and death.
AF is the most common sustained heart rhythm disorder. It affects nearly 2% of the population, a number that is rising fast.
Regardless of age, AF increases nearly 500% the risk of suffering a stroke

How to handle and get cured from Regurgitation
Just control your diet. Find out what foods produce and increase your problem.
Do not always eat the same food. Have a balanced diet made out of diverse components.
Do not eat just before going to bed, Try to allow at least a three hours gap.
If at night you wake up with strong reflux, have a little hot water or hot tea and stay seated or walk for half an hour.
Once you start overcoming reflux you can entirely get rid of it just by means of a proper diet.

Do no risk your health having pharmaceuticals that you don´t need