As related with abnormal growth of the Uvula, it must be taken into account that this must derive as a reaction to pharmaceuticals aimed at unclogging nose or to allergies which must be treated in order to avoid an uvula surgery.
In the case of this surgery some doctors prefer to completely eliminating the uvula, which makes a lot easier both their job and the post surgery treatment. These two facts allow them to perform this surgery as an ambulatory or one day surgery procedure. In order to convince their patients that this is the best solution some doctors say the uvula is just an appendix of no practical use or importance.
It must be kept in mind this is totally false, since the uvula is an important physical shield that protects air and digestive ways and its total elimination constitute a case of medicine malpractice that should be penalized.
Deprived of his uvula the patient tends to choke, to suffocate under the most amazing variety of otherwise harmless agents and even the most simple meal might cause him accidents that may become quite dangerous.
When a uvula surgery is unavoidable what it should be done is just to correct its size an form. An even being a easy surgery its post surgery is not that simple since patient tends to choke when he feel that strange body that constitutes his own uvula during the cicatrisation process. Additionally cicatrisation is slow because uvula and tongue are permanently moving and touching each other. All this means a post surgery larger than expected, which is nothing as compared with the shortcoming which derive of not having uvula at all.