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On December 2002, in Chile, Daniel Figueroa was kidnapped and torn into pieces. Figueroa denounced corruption of then Chile President Ricardo Lagos and his men.
Please ask President Sebastián Piñera to develop the investigation, clarify this crime, and punish the perpetrators, the masterminds and those who covered up the crime, between them, one of Piñera’s cabinet ministers.

The Figueroa’s Case was denounced before the Inter American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) who labelled it “Petition P-1849-1”.
Many important Chile government and opposition politicians as well as judges are involved in the cover up of this crime.
Several ministers and high ranking authorities of President Lagos government (2000-2006) were condemned by corruption thanks to the quartered Figueroa, former authority of the University of Chile, who left hundreds of documents and his own personal computer to be made public in case something might happen to him.
Ricardo Lagos himself spared being jailed on those corruption charges because he got an illegal judgment of a Chilean high court stating that his crimes, in spite of being committed by him, had already prescribed.

During close to 10 years I have asked for justice for Figueroa, with whom I never had any relation at all. It’s time to get justice. We must not wait one more minute

There are four reasons why there is a need of justice for Daniel Figueroa:

1. Because several Human Rights were violated when government’s sicarios kidnapped, tortured, slaughtered and later delivered a few of Figueroa’s bones and, close to them, his identification document, his personal key ring, and the clothes he was wearing the day when he was kidnapped. The sicarios left Daniel’s personal belongings close to a few of his bones with the purpose of letting know to every possible whistle blower that Ricardo Lagos’s men will allow nobody to speak.

2. Because this was a Crime Against Humanity, since it was the powerful and uncontested government of President Ricardo Lagos who kidnapped, tortured and quartered an undefended lone individual who was believed to be a threat for Lagos’s men who already faced corruption charges and who aimed both to silence Figueroa and to use his slaughtering as a demonstration of their power and ruthlessness and of their determination to keep sacking the nation, which in fact they did.

3. Because Figueroa’s spouse and his then little daughters deserve justice and public recognition for their husband and father, peace for their souls and a compensation for all the suffering they have withstood.

4. Because several top Chilean political and media leaders and high court judges are involved in a gang aimed at the cover up of Figueroa’s assassination. This gang has made and currently makes a huge damage to Chilean politics, since this group of powerful accomplices grant immunity to themselves and to many other white collar criminals that claim the right to be given a tolerance similar to the one enjoyed by the gang who slaughtered Figueroa’s and handles the cover up.

It is of the outmost importance that Figueroa assassination be qualified as a “Crime Against Humanity”, which would made it “imprescriptible”. This means that its perpetrators and masterminds may be prosecuted whenever it might be, without consideration on how long ago this crime was committed.

The Figueroa Case before de IACHR
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December 2012