From the book "SLEEP APNEA, immediate cure for an illness with no cure", by Darío Varela

Chapter 8. CPAP

Have you ever thought how much your doctor may be making each time he gets a patient to use a CPAP?
Probably you will think that not a single coin, since he is an honorable subject. And there is quite a chance you may be right, in spite he advices you to use a CPAP that will never allow you to overcome your Sleep Apnea.
During the last few years, hundreds of doctors that seem as honorable as yours had installed to their patients unneeded Medtronic and St. Jude Medical defibrillators. Doctors were paid one to two thousand US dollars for each unneeded defibrillator they prescribed. This has meant a 6.6. billions dollars illegal business (see chapter 16).
It is not that those doctors had just advised their patients to connect themselves to a machine by means of a mask and some tubing.
It is that they have opened the patient's chest, cutting ribs, in order to install them a device that the patient does not need and that has caused the death of many men that, being not for their corrupt doctor, they would still be alive.
CPAPs have as well caused the death of thousands of men by means of depriving them of their will of staying alive. By getting them desperate until death as a result of their need to connect themselves every night to a machine that neither will ever cure them nor will ever allow them to get rid of it.
Your doctor and thousands of other doctors advise their patients to connect themselves to a CPAP. Some doctors sincerely believe this might be a solution for the patient. Other doctors act by sheer ignorance or by total disregard of their patient's quality of life. And there is l a large group of doctors and dentists that recommend the use of a CPAP because that is precisely their business: they get paid for each patient they manage to connect to a CPAP.
And this is why the only widely used treatment for Sleep Apnea is the use of a CPAP system which consists of an air pump and several accessories that jointly create an air pressure through the patient's mouth and/or nose with the purpose of inflating his lungs enough to make him breathe when he is not able to do it by himself.
The CPAP is intended to be a partial help, a palliative to the malfunctioning of the patient's vegetative breathing.
The CPAP is not intended to be a remedy for the illness. But it enslaves the patient. It makes him a handicapped. For the rest of his now miserable life he will depend upon a pump and one thousand accessories. And additionally CPAP irritates the patient's airways, which makes him more prone to additionally develop an Obstructive Apnea.

CPAP manufacturers have no interest in the cure of their clients. On the very contrary: their nightmare is that all of a sudden their clients start breathing normally while they sleep, which is the sole purpose of this book, a fact that would mean for those corporations a black hole that would swallow and throw them into the business catastrophe that they deserve.
The central and most expensive piece of a CPAP System is precisely a pump called CPAP: Continuous Positive Airway Pressure.
The first and most simple CPAP is a pump that generates a constant air pressure over the patient's airways. Obviously there exist quite a few varieties of pumps derived from this original useless monstrosity. Some varieties allow the patient to regulate by himself the pressure he will receive (APAP or Auto Adjustable CPAP). Other models (Bilevel CPAP) deliver two different pressures, an incoming and an out coming one, and there even exists a variation of this called Bilevel ST CPAP. 
Approximate prices just for the pump were, on December 2010, US dollars 310 for a CPAP, USD 570 for an Auto Adjustable, USD 1.100 for a normal Bilevel and over  USD 3.300 for a Bilevel ST.
On the said month, an estimated of 50% of USA patients used APAP and 47% of them used the basic CPAP.
There are several models of each of these generically called CPAP pumps and sellers do attribute them the most amazing and intriguing close to miraculous virtues which are sold with technicisms the like of “titration” and other that contribute to bring a harder life and greater disconcert to their bleak client-patients.
In addition to the pump, patient must buy hoses, masks and traps.
You must add to that humidifiers, since the air pumped into them gets dry both mouth and nose, and a uninterrupted power system, since its easy to convince, to those who finally came to believe that their life depends upon a CPAP, that it will not be that smart to let his life vanish just because of an interruption in the public power system.
Unfortunately what has been said is not all and it is not even close to all.
There are thousand of accessories that are merchandized as essential, as a matter of life or death: oxygen enricher adapters; universal bacterial/viral air filters; single, double, special and premium  chinstraps; nebulizers; defibrillators; hose holders; 360 degrees swivel adapters between hose and mask and between hose and pump; “Pure White Performance” tubings which are lighter and more flexible; tubing covers, wraps and warmers; inline pressure valve for preventing backflow; bedding clips and hose lifters; natural and scented cleanings sprays (there are two entirely different sets of them, one for the mask and the other for the edge of the mask); special mask wipes; mini or double edge pillows designed to allow hose passing through them; soft fleece hose tube covers; Heavy Duty Medical Alert Luggage Tag for CPAP/BiPAP; pressure verification subsystems which include by pass and hose adapters and pressure gauges with or without alarm devices; fast hose connectors for extreme urgent situations handling; etc., etc.
These might seem to be enough to describe the extent of the situation confronted by SA patients.
Unfortunately not even close to that: market research keeps opening new venues to grab patient'ss money: There are "Sleep-apnea dental appliances", which cost close to $3,000 each, that are recommended "for patients who can't tolerate the CPAP treatment". Unfortunately these "appliances' use to cause a patient's teeth to move which in turn means the risk of developing Temporomandibular Jaw Syndrome, an illness that brings painful suffering.
In short, a huge market specially designed to exploit the needs of patients who are in a desperate need of resting, of getting a refreshing sleep. Patient starts believing that a CPAP will do it and ends buying every single additional piece of equipment that he expects will finally put into effective operation the complex and enslavering system that he dreams some day will stop whispering close to him at his bed, and will start delivering results.