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Non Obstructive Sleep Apnea (NOSA) is caused by low sodium in blood.

Doctors call it "Central Apnea" because they assume that an unknown illness impairs the Central Nervous System and impedes autonomous or vegetative breathing. The fact is that there is no illness that affects your Central Nervous System.

After enduring Sleep Apnea during more than 10 years, researcher and writer Darío Varela discovered that NOSA is a consequence of not having enough sodium in blood.

All you need in order to stop NOSA bursts is to leave your bed (there is no use of staying at bed, falling asleep and having one more Apnea burst. Not to mention it may be dangerous for you), to put some salt under your tongue for two or three minutes and to do this a total of three times rinsing your mouth after each step. Then you may go back to bed. Sleep Apnea bursts will disappear for that night and even for several days or weeks.

Mr. Varela does not suffer Sleep Apnea anymore. After his article in Huffington Post, some NOSA patients informed Mr. Varela that after placing some salt under their tongue their Sleep Apnea bursts had disappeared for the night and even for days or weeks. Now they can keep their life entirely under control.

The CPAP is a useless expensive equipment. It is supposed to be the only treatment for Sleep Apnea. But it is no remedy at all. It just handicaps and depresses you.
CPAP irritates your airways, making you prone to develop Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), a quite worse condition.

Once you start suffering Obstructive Sleep Apnea you become a CPAP dependent for ever. And this is precisely what the CPAP industry wants for you.

Sleep Apnea patients will receive information that will allow them both to handle and to prevent SA.

Stop Sleep Apnea and get free from the CPAP.

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Huffington Post artícle on Sleep Apnea and low sodium in blood.

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